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 SAN Interoperability

- Storage over IP -- Special Report: Tech 2001 ZDNet
If you're looking for a quick executive overview glimpse of storage over IP or SANoIP, this short piece might be for you. Author Peter Coffee weighs in with his opinion on the growing popularity of IP-based storage.(Dec. 5, 2000)
- IBM and Compaq buddy up with SANs AS400 Network
IBM and Compaq say their goal is to make sure their storage products work seamlessly together. Check out this article to see just how they plan on making this happen. Storage technology has come front and center to change the way companies access and use information to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. (July 21, 2000) (Free registration required)
- 4 storage area networks Internet Week
Internet Week reviews the results of tests recently conducted on four storage area network solutions offered by QLogic Corp., Interphase Corp., and Compaq. Included here is a concise summary of the author's current view on the "state of the SAN industry," some of its challenges and promises. If you're into SANs (or soon will be), it's worth a quick scan.
- Storage nets: What works?" Information Week
No one has to tell us that true interoperability is not a reality yet and that IT managers are frustrated. They don't want to be in the interoperability market and they shouldn't have to be. This article discusses those frustrations and the three major systems-management vendors who say they can solve their problems. (November 6, 2000)
- What is interoperability and what can it do for you? Storage Networking Industry Association
Who isn't interested in interoperability these days right? So, take a look at this Storage Networking Industry Association site. It discusses the SNIA Interoperability Committee mission statement, SNIA Interoperability Committee charter, scope of work, standards-based test suites, self certification, lab facilities, prioritization of interoperability requirements, interoperability demos, coordination of interoperability work with other industry organizations, and customer outreach on interoperability issues.
- Replication data with distributed queries  Midrange Computing Magazine
If you're running distributed queries with SQL/400 and SQL Server 7.0, this article may be helpful. The writer shows you how to alleviate problems encountered in multi-platform shops, querying data from heterogeneous platforms by using tables and several samples. The writer also describes in detail how to get through the different problems you may encounter. (September 2000)
- Storage Vendors: This is only a test -- Investments in labs help to ease integration of components, ensure SAN interoperability  Computer Reseller News
This story describes the growing trend among storage vendors to collaborate to ensure that their products play nicely together in the real world. Enter the vendor-sponsored and open labs concept, where integration testing is the highest priority. This is an especially important component with storage area networks (SANs). This article lets you take a glimpse at what some of the vendors are doing in this area (Aug. 7, 2000)
- Self-service SAN Network World Fusion
Are you having difficulty with SAN interoperability? This article by Charles Clark discusses what vendors are doing and suggesting to eliminate interoperability problems.
- Migrating Solaris to a storage area network Sys Admin Magazine
Author Greg Schuweiler describes how he and three other UNIX system administrators implemented a SAN at a large research clinic, medical center and hospital in the Midwest. Prior to the SAN implementation, their network infrastructure consisted of multiple operating systems and hardware platforms, such as: Solaris, HP, AIX, Linux, and a few SCO boxes. This is a good, real-world example of how today's organizations grow their storage resources to make the least impact on an organization. (August 2000)
- IBM rolls out SAN demo centers  ENT Online
IBM has opened a number of storage area network (SAN) demo centers throughout the US and in twenty other countries. The centers provide a chance to see an actual working SAN. Plus, it's possible to check the interoperability of SAN components at the center. The demo centers are listed at the bottom of the article. (June 28, 2000)
- SANsymphony pools heterogeneous devices  ENT Online
In this article, ENT covers DataCore's first product, SANsymphony. The product converts islands of dissimilar storage into a networked storage pool, which makes it possible to integrate devices into the pool. This piece largely presents the product from DataCore's view, but there is some analyst commentary. (June 28, 2000)
- Storage networking: EMC E-Lab tested products EMC
If you're looking at an EMC storage solution, this chart is worth a glance. It lists all of the vendor products that have been tested to work effectively with EMC products. The chart includes over 35 mainframes, open servers and operating systems.
- Flexible SANs: The Storage Solution Of The Future  TechWeb
Article discusses how storage area networks could solve a lot of problems for many companies, yet customers remain cautious. A lack of interoperability is one of the reasons. Read on to learn more about what vendors are doing to make there products work with a variety of operating systems.
- Year of the SAN? - Enterprise Magazine 
Many organizations plan to implement storage area networks, but they are wary of the hype surrounding the technology and the interoperability problems. According to the author of this article, vendors are working to create SAN standards, but establishing standards will take time. Next year, not this year, is more likely to be the year of the SAN, predicts this author.
- Shifting SANs - PC Week 
The SAN market has finally evolved to the point where storage area network vendors can actually back up some of the promises they made in their initial sales pitches more than a year ago. However, PC Week Labs has found that SANs must still overcome some daunting challenges, including a lack of interoperability between Fibre Channel products from different vendors and a shortage of management utilitiesbefore they can be classified as must-have technologies. (Feb. 7th, 2000)

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