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- Avoid SAN overspending: Match features to your needs  IT World
This one's a keeper. In the article, they profile three companies and how they approached SAN purchases and implementation. Included in this is good, background information on SAN features and ways to approach assessing their importance for your own installations. This is definitely for the manager involved in approving or recommending SAN solutions, with an eye to budget constraints.
- SAN management software promises to simplify the administration and management of storage networks InfoStor
This article tells us the characteristics to look for in SAN management software in order for you to have the most success in managing heterogeneous storage devices on a network. (Nov. 2000)
- SAN infrastructure: A strategic business decision InfoStor
Author Derek Granath, director of marketing at Brocade Communications, does a good job of explaining the general considerations involved in developing a storage area network (SAN) infrastructure. (Nov. 2000)
- The basics of storage area networks: The SAN plan Planet IT
This article wastes no time in getting to the point. It lists six key points that SAN planners need to keep in mind. It also goes on to discuss the positive benefits of a SAN as well as the its downside. (October 16, 2000)
- In search of management SANdards Network World Fusion
A good basic article on what to do once you've got your storage area network up and running. Not only do you have to manage the SAN but the SAN infrastructure as well despite the lack of industry standards. Also in this article you'll learn a little bit about where the industry is on SAN standards. (June 12, 2000)
- The SANs of time ComputerUser
Managed storage is not new, what is new are storage area networks (SANs). Why? Data, data, data. Check out this article to find out more about what SANs have to offer you. (September, 2000)
- High speed and low price with a Bullet ZD Net
This article discusses the six-port Bullet Bundle 600 hub package from High Velocity Systems Inc. According to eWeek Labs, if you're looking for an economical Fibre Channel SAN solution, the Bullet Bundle 600 is the way to go. (July 24, 2000)
- Why SANs? UnixReview
After you're done reading this lengthy first installment of a multi-part series of articles on SANs by W. Curtis Preston, you will know why SANs are becoming popular and the difference between a SAN, a LAN, and a NAS. Find out "how we used to do it", and "how dynamic drive allocation works" and much more. This article also provides links to five images, from "Backups from the good old days" to "Backups today with Sans."
- SAN alternatives NetworkWorldFusion
Research indicates that SANs are currently comprised of predominantly four technologies: Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL), switched Fiber Channel (FC-S), Gigabit Ethernet and SCSI and none appear to be dominant. This article by Toby Miller, a senior analyst with Enterprise Management Associates, discusses these four technologies and suggests that if you make your selection based on your organization's unique situation, you can't go wrong. (7/17/2000)
- Tape libraries get SAN boost Planet IT
According to Bob Abraham, president of Freeman Reports, an Ojai, Calif.-based research firm, "Fibre Channel connectivity for tape automation products will be big, but the main question is when". This article discusses what several vendors such as Exabyte Corp., and Overland Data Inc., are doing to prepare their tape libraries for easier connection to storage area networks (SANs) by enhancing them with native Fibre Channel connectivity. (March 13, 2000)
- Are storage service providers the answer to the high cost of storing files?  Sun World
This article discusses the pros and cons of outsourcing (or sharing) your storage needs with a storage service provider (SSP). It covers, specifically, the things to look for when implementing a SAN and contemplating the use of an SSP to manage many of the SAN's storage components off-site. (April 2000)
- Outsourcing with service providers Network World Fusion
Have you thought about outsourcing your storage area network (SAN) to a storage service provider (SSP)? SSP's handle everything from design and installation to management. Find out why companies like StorageNetworks opted for an SSP instead of being a do-it-yourselfer.
- Network attached storage -- gigabytes on demand InternetWeek
This article by Alan Zeichick, a principal analyst with Camden Associates, reviews three rack-mounted file servers: Two midrange servers (Quantum Snap Server 4000 and Maxtor MaxAttach 4000), and one high-end server (Network Appliance F720 Filer). (6/12/00)
- Lesson from e-business leaders: Results matter Internet Week
Take a look at Internet Week's latest list of top 100 e-business companies. Among other tidbits in this feature are the fact that most on the list have a dedicated IT executive who handles their Internet-side business. Although they score big points on attracting new customers via their Internet holdings, they still struggle with how to retain them. We found this a good treatment for any vendor who wants to learn more about a company's Internet efforts and current customer needs. It's also a good learning piece for those IT managers and administrators who deal with the same issues. (July 2000)
- Managing the storage monolith Network World Fusion News
Author Deni Connor provides a good look at software currently in use to effectively manage a company's network attached storage (NAS) or storage area network (SAN) resources. Among other things noted are the results of a report by Strategic Research that storage capacity per company is at a 44% yearly growth rate, and that large companies could expect to manage as much as 200G bytes of network storage by the year 2003. (July 10, 2000)
- SANs in 2000 vs. LANs in 1980 Network World Fusion
We liked the parallels drawn by this article's author between the early LAN implementation issues faced in the 80's and today's current SAN issues. This is a good, "past-learnings" look at the common implementation issues that crop up when new technologies are introduced to the enterprise. (July 2000)
- Face-off: Best approach to IP storage?  Network World Fusion
Both articles displayed in this storage forum air two very diverse views on handling IP storage. In the first article, SANgate prefers SCSI over TCP/IP and tells us why. In the second article, Gadzoox discusses Fibre Channel over IP, and the benefits thereof. You can post your own input on either article directly in the forum, or look at what others had to say about it.
- Why data storage is like inventory management Network World Fusion
We found this article by Toby Miller to be a refreshingly understandable treatment of an often-murky topic: namely, the advantages (and disadvantages) of centralized vs. decentralized storage strategies. The author uses a number of analogies to make his points, including the comparison of storage management to its more tangible counterpart: warehouse and inventory management. This is a good piece for anyone from high-level IT executives to network administrators.
- Storage-area networking MetaView Daily Audio Briefing
Requires RealAudio or MP3 Audio. This 12-minute audio describes the bigger picture of storage area networks as more than just an emerging technology. The speakers, the Meta Group's research director and senior research analyst, discuss common pitfalls and other considerations to implementing a successful SAN in an organization. (July 16, 1999)
- Vixel opens SAN management software to others' devices  ENT Online
Vixel Corp.'s SAN management software now supports devices from other vendors, in response to customer feedback. This article covers the claims made by the vendor and what the changes in the product mean for users.
- Sun's Jiro specification to enhance SAN management - ENT Online 
A piece about Sun's Jiro specification, which is intended to provide a solution that enables interoperability and platform-independence for the management of storage systems and other devices connected to the network. This piece covers the benefits of Jiro and the need for storage management tools in the SAN storage area network space.
- Building a storage area network - Planet IT 
Tutorial on storage area networks (SAN), which includes when to choose a SAN, architectures and topologies and SAN set up and management (April 21, 1998).
- Storage systems: Drive/controller advances for SANs - Infostor 
Article describes several emerging technologies in hard disk drives, RAID controllers, and enclosures that are making SANs easier to install and manage. (January, 2000)
- Management software helps plan for SAN - PlanetIT 
Is a storage-area network for you? This article helps you determine whether you need a SAN and decide what data to migrate (Dec. 10, 1999).
- EMC Acquires Softworks for $192M  
Article reports on proposed merger of Softworks by EMC and then updates reader on growing trend in storage market for storage makers to provide management tools and software to IT organizations.
- Storage area network white papers - DataDirect Networks 
These Adobe Acrobat formatted white papers come from vendor DataDirect Networks and cover many storage area network (SAN) topics. Some are related to DataDirect products, but for the most part they seem to be a good source of information.
- SANs to the rescue - 
This article presents an easy-to-understand definition of storage area network concepts and stresses the importance of availability and scalability in SAN design (Dec., 1999)
- Taking Control of Enterprise Storage Management - Sterling  
A Real Audio teleconference between IBM, Sterling Software and American Family insurance on gaining competitive advantage with enterprise storage technologies. Includes steps to implementing centralized storage management capabilities across a distributed enterprise and security issues.

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