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 SAN/NAS Integration

- Storage over IP -- Special Report: Tech 2001 ZDNet
If you're looking for a quick executive overview glimpse of storage over IP or SANoIP, this short piece might be for you. Author Peter Coffee weighs in with his opinion on the growing popularity of IP-based storage.(Dec. 5, 2000)
- NAS or SANs? IT managers say 'both' Planet IT
Who says you can't have it both ways? Despite rumblings in the industry that users have to choose between NAS or SANs, a growing number of innovative and cutting edge storage administrators are throwing caution to the wind and using both. (September 21, 2000)
- SAN and NAS: The convergence of data and storage sharing Enterprise Systems Journal
Author Greg Schulz suggests that instead of debating SAN or NAS, we should be looking at how SAN/NAS, Ethernet and Gigabit "can be used to solve business issues in a complementary manner." This article gives a brief description of what a SAN and a NAS is and discusses how they should be used to complement each other.
- Storage Vendors: This is only a test -- Investments in labs help to ease integration of components, ensure SAN interoperability  Computer Reseller News
This story describes the growing trend among storage vendors to collaborate to ensure that their products play nicely together in the real world. Enter the vendor-sponsored and open labs concept, where integration testing is the highest priority. This is an especially important component with storage area networks (SANs). This article lets you take a glimpse at what some of the vendors are doing in this area (Aug. 7, 2000)
- Open storage standard debate deepens VNUNet
This article describes the latest move by the Open Storage Networking Initiative (OSNI) organization to support building storage networks using Gigabit Ethernet and network-attached storage (NAS) instead of fibre channel switches and other storage area network (SAN) technologies. The article describes the debate raging over the future of storage: NAS, SANs, or a combination of the two? (July 3, 2000)
- Migrating Solaris to a storage area network Sys Admin Magazine
Author Greg Schuweiler describes how he and three other UNIX system administrators implemented a SAN at a large research clinic, medical center and hospital in the Midwest. Prior to the SAN implementation, their network infrastructure consisted of multiple operating systems and hardware platforms, such as: Solaris, HP, AIX, Linux, and a few SCO boxes. This is a good, real-world example of how today's organizations grow their storage resources to make the least impact on an organization. (August 2000)
- Partnering for SAN success Network World Fusion
Author Amy Larsen DeCarlo looks at the emergence of today's SAN systems capable of storing over 1 terabyte of data. She also examines the need for many of today's SAN vendors to forge partnerships with others in order to gain more visibility and exposure with customers. We found this to be a good analysis and commentary on the shifting sands (or, should we say, SANs?) in the current storage marketplace. (July 3, 2000)
- SANsymphony pools heterogeneous devices  ENT Online
In this article, ENT covers DataCore's first product, SANsymphony. The product converts islands of dissimilar storage into a networked storage pool, which makes it possible to integrate devices into the pool. This piece largely presents the product from DataCore's view, but there is some analyst commentary. (June 28, 2000)
- Siren call of online commerce makes SANs appealing TechWeb
This article discusses how data storage used to be more straightforward, but now an increase of large, inexpensive drives is changing the configuration. Read more on how the SAN is making life a lot easier for LAN managers. Other topics include SAN vs. NAS, SAN topology and Fibre in your diet, among others.
- Big things ahead for network storage ZDNet
Article discusses two fairly new network storage technologies -- Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN) and how these will have a major impact on cost and performance this year and in the future. Information on both technologies is available as well as advantages and disadvantages of each.
- Storage at the center ENT Online
Today storage, not the server, is at the center of IT operations, at least that's what this columnist says. According to GartnerGroup, storage accounts for half the price of typical systems purchases and may amount to 80 percent in a couple of years. This column takes a look at storage area networks (SAN). According to the author, there needs to be a strategy to bridge the gap between easy-to-configure local network storage and high-performance SAN strategies. And a hybrid NAS/SAN solutions using NAS as the mechanism for controlling multi use access to the disk should be available soon.
- Vendors working to wed SANs to NAS 
This article about interoperability between SAN and NAS solutions covers what storage networking vendors have been doing to integrate the two storage models.
- NAS and SAN are complementary - Infostor 
Article explains how network-attached storage can be used as a stepping stone to storage area networks (SAN), or how it can coexist with them. (September, 1999)

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